10 of the most popular English listening software applications for Chinese people

applications for Chinese

Daily English Listening(每日英语听力): Daily English Listening and Ou Lu Dictionary are the same one. You can call the European dictionary to search for words and add new words. This app has more categories and more resources. The App interface is as simple as the European dictionary.

Himalaya(喜马拉雅): The app itself is a radio software, but there are many stations that collect poetry recited by male gods from Europe and America (such as Lack of Master and Tremor) and audio of various BBC documentaries, which are suitable for bedtime listening.

Long Yisi listens(朗易思听): What resources are available, Lai Shixiong, IELTS TOEFL new concept of various audio, there are also documentaries and audio books (such as Jane Eyre) and American dramas.

Hourly news: Mainly foreign programs, simple interface, updated BBC NPR ABC FOX and other foreign programs every hour.

Spoken man(口语侠): Improve the listening level by chatting with foreigners; dial a foreign call on the Internet, connect to a foreign teacher, and speak both correctly.

UK Radios – this app has a variety of British radio stations, very comprehensive

Cocoa English(可可英语): There are many resources, American TV series, movies, news and so on. There are also many functions, such as new words management, speed adjustment, single sentence circulation and follow-up reading.

Aboboo: The resources are very rich and powerful. If you have used the PC version, you should know it. However, Aboboo content is contributed by the community and the content is a bit messy.

Scallop Hearing(扇贝听力): There is a big family of scallops, and most people should use the scallop word. However, its scallop hearing is also very good, and there are many resources.

Lazy English(懒人英语): Rich in resources, you can choose your favorite resources in the homepage and classification, such as American opera, songs, BBC, VOA and so on.

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